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Haydn Edginton-King

Hey, I'm glad you've come to check out some of what I do!


This site is a personal col­lec­tion of photos, videos, art, and work realized by myself.

On this front page you will find short articles about things I have done, or read, that I find inter­est­ing.


I recen­tly pho­to­graph­ed my friends' band as they played a con­cert in a stuffy little bar. They play Metal, well Hardcore to be pre­cise, and so I wanted to give them a grungy look. That’s right, photos with heavy grain for guit­ars with heavy gain.

Light Painting

A while back a friend of mine, Arthur, ask­ed me if I want­ed to experi­ment with light painting with him. I jumped at the idea, so we headed down into my build­ings under­ground car park. The dark­ness was almost ideal and we got some great shots. This first photo is my fav­ourite.

A few weeks later I tried experi­menting with light in a differ­ent way, by using a proj­ector as the only light source. Putting objects or a person as a subject into the photo gave some inter­esting results.

I learnt that you can create some other inter­esting effects by using prisms, mag­nifying lenses, mirrors, and I got some great shots of moving figures by using a flash at the begin­ning of a long exposure shot. The subject is clear but the light sources trail off in the direct­ion the camera was moved, it makes for a dynamic shot.

Contemporary Motion Graphics

While working on part of my prep­aration work for my memoir I came across an English artist called Michael Betan­court. He uses pro­gramming and various other computer tech­niques to create his imagery. When he isn’t making art Betan­court is a teacher and theore­tician, and one theore­tical text of his in parti­cular caught my atten­tion. He relates to thoughts made by Sol LeWitt on the conven­tions of art and aims to clarify upon where the art resides in computer generated, and machine made, art.

Is the art in the design­ing of the machine? Is the art the machine itself? Or possibly the final pro­duct of the machine is the art?

In any case if you would like to read his text for yourself you can find it here, and if you wish to dis­cover his work then check out this link.