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Haydn Edginton-King

Hey, I'm glad you've come to check out some of what I do!

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Films Cool is a project started by Tiphaine Darras and myself on the 1st of January 2015. We wanted to create a platform where we could share our progression in learning video effects and DSLR cinematography and allow people to follow along with what little tips and hacks we pick up along our journey. It is a project that is highly influenced by other YouTube shows like Film Maker IQ, Indy Mogul, and Film Riot. However unlike our inspiration we focus on creating content for French viewers, and hope one day to find our own dynamic community amoung amateurs of film here in France. Most of all Films Cool allows us to have a good excuse to regularly work on our videography skills and to never lose touch with our passion for the art of cinematography.

In this video we explain the basics of matte painting with a simple example made on a sunny Januray afternoon.

And this episode is a focus on how ISO works, and in introduction about how to use it and not abuse it.